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Welcome to Fortuna! We are a semi-canon Dragonriders of Pern forum that takes place approximately a hundred turns after AIVAS was destroyed and the Red Star pushed off of its orbit.
08 JUNE During Anuketh's hatching, Midnight Cove raided Fortuna Weyr. Fortuna came out on top — but shaken, injured, and licking their wounds. The new weyrlings are named the Defender Class, in honour of their bravery.

FFtB Updates

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FFtB's skins/templates were created exclusively by Chey for Fortuna; please do not steal, copy, or reproduce. The original concept idea of FFtB is by Nymphali. Modal pop-ups © Black. Code and quote modification scripts © Nicole. All written characters are copyrighted to their original owners and are considered creative property. Dragonriders of Pern is copyrighted to Anne and Todd McCaffery © 1968 - 2017. Dragon, sea-wher, mining-wher, and firelizards templates © North. Hatchling templates © KaiserFlames. Fortuna sizing charts and records scripts © Trill.

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Welcome to Fortune Favors the Brave!

This is where you will find our Rules, site notifications, updates, and a handy Member's Guide with links to important topics around the forum. If you have any questions, feel free to ask them in the cbox. Enjoy!
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Sometimes we all need a break, want to say hello, show off the things we're proud of, or look into buying something nice for our characters. You'll find anything and everything that is Out of Character here in these boards, and feel free to start your own topics too!
Hello and Goodbye
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Eledria Saska Jul 8 2018, 01:18 PM
If you're a guest or a member looking to advertise or affiliate then you can do so in here! Please keep in mind that we are a Jcink Premium site and allow for dohtml coding.
Affiliation Requests, First Time, Link Back

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Everything you need to create your characters can be found here. We offer both Freeform and Traditional apps. When your character is ready to be reviewed please post a link to it in the "Notify Us" topic that is pinned. If a WIP is inactive for 2+ weeks, it will be moved to your personal space.
Wanted Characters and Plots, Adoptables
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You will find all of the accepted character applications here. They are categorized according to the group that they are in: bonded weyrfolk, pernese, candidates, dragons, and whers.
Feral Whers, Handlers
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Within this board you will find a personalized boards for each member that has requested one where shippers, trackers, and character development threads may be put and neatly organized.
Crowfeet, Dragoon, Dude, Leely, Minute, Namarea, Pederee, Tanz

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Notes, letters, journals, records, documents — any sort of communication between characters.
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A Bit of Fun Nell Yesterday at 09:46 pm
Although the main part of Southern Fortuna Weyr's home is etched into cliffs and a dormant volcano's cave system, there also is much to be seen outside of the Weyr. Livestock pens, beautiful beaches, fields and forests, and even an obstacle course for training and workouts are easily accessible.
The Coastline, Weyr Bowl and Lake, Livestock Pens, Obstacle Course
30 topics 85 replies
Just because Fortuna lives in a Weyr doesn't mean that they live entirely in the cavern system like the Northern Weyrs. In fact, many of its residents also live in various types of housing outside of the cliffs. Most of the riders and handlers, however, make their homes up the sides of the mountains in complex and intricate rooms; the riders being toward the top, and the handlers in a lower section of the quarters.
Common Areas, Candidate Barracks, Individual Weyrs, Hot Springs and Storerooms
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Inside of the cave system itself, Fortuna seems like any other Weyr that one would find to the North. There are craft spaces, a forge, dining halls, meeting rooms, archives, an infirmary, and so much more. If you could want it, there is a strong possibility that they have built it here to make themselves comfortable.
Infirmary, Craft Rooms, Kitchen and Dining Hall, Archives and Meeting Rooms
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The hot springs that run underneath the dormant volcano and into the cave system to provide a bathing area also heat a cavern at the base of the mountain. Sand has been brought into it to provide a man-made hatching cavern that both dragons and whers use; the latter often choosing to lay their eggs closer to the hot springs that leak into the cavern. Stands have been made into the rocky walls as well as built out from them, and there is plenty of room for people to watch the popular events.

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The Crystal Isles are not so much a singular mass of islands as a collective name for all of the islands surrounding Southern Fortuna's coastline; named for the beautiful water surrounding them, as well as the cave systems which hold shining crystals within. They are also a way to get to many other spots as well all around Fortuna's half of the Southern Continent.
Fishing Village, Crystal Caves, Trader's Bay
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Lead by intrepid Lord Callum and Lady Paasha, Spire Cove Hold is situated in the Southern Continent, not far from Fortuna Weyr. It is primarily a fishing and dolphineering hold.
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Stormhold isn't easy to find when sweeping the cliffs of the southern continent. It's tucked away between various crags and smaller cave systems, but once found the mouth of the ocean cave can seem expansive as it opens above any ship that is sailed between the perilous rocks that keep it safe. Meanwhile, shallow caverns can be seen dotting the clifside with connecting ledges that must be either scaled carefully, or flown to in order to reach.
Docks, Living Quarters, Springs

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Once Fortuna Weyr's northern home, this mountain, the site of Benden Weyr in days of old, is home to Validus' riders. Nearby are Bitra Hold and Benden Hold, two powerful and ancient houses.
Validus Weyr
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Audentes' Territory spans the majority of the Northern Continent, and the Weyr itself took up residence in the old Fort Weyr. Holds include: High Reaches, Nabol, Crom, Telgar, Lemos, Tillek, Ruatha, Igen, Fort, and Southern Boll.
Audentes Weyr
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Iuvat is a menagerie of islands, smaller landmasses, fishing villages, ports, and of course, Iuvat Weyr. It is the home of many individuals who want nothing more than to be left alone to provide for their families, and it is a common stop along trading routes.
Iuvat Weyr, Midnight Cove
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Once the home of Ista Weyr and a more traditional Ista Hold, the Trading Post spans a great amount of the island with various villages and cotholds dotting the landscape. There is not true, clear, leadership, and although the area is a major source of trade and culture, it is politically unstable.
4 topics 31 replies
Ah, the open sea and sky. It's a beautiful stretch of horizon that meets in the far-off distance, but although it can be pristine and clear one moment, it can turn disasterous the next. Beware the forces of Nature.

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